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Secure your tickets to the Manchester City from trusted marketplaces, backed by a 100% ticket guarantee.
Witness the magic of Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium as they continue to dominate in the Premier League. Demand for tickets is sky-high, and securing Manchester City tickets can be a challenge. But with EventsCompare, you can effortlessly compare prices from reputable sources, all with a 100% ticket guarantee.

Manchester City 2023/24 Fixtures:

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How To Buy Manchester City Tickets

In this guide, we'll cover all the essential information on buying Manchester City tickets, including available methods, tips for securing your seat, and ensuring you purchase from a reputable reseller. When it comes to Manchester City tickets, Many fans believe that purchasing tickets directly from the club is the best approach. However, this method can be challenging due to its complexity, often necessitating advanced planning and reliance on the queueing system, which we'll delve into later in this article.

The recommended option is to use EventsCompare, the largest ticket search engine. Here, you can seamlessly explore and compare Manchester City ticket prices offered by trustworthy and secure resellers, all with a 100% ticket guarantee. To secure your tickets, refer to the 2023/24 fixtures list and select your desired game. On the following page, after choosing a reseller through the platform, just pick your preferred seats and proceed to checkout. 

Official Manchester City Club Tickets

Manchester City offers fans an exclusive chance to acquire match tickets through a MATCHDAY MEMBERSHIP membership, priced at £35. Each member is entitled to purchase one ticket per match, and the ticketing window typically opens sporadically throughout the year. 

However, it's crucial to note that these tickets sell out instantly due to very high demand. The ticket sale process for most games is typically restricted to fans with a prior purchase history, ensuring that loyal supporters have priority access. Particularly, tickets for matches against top rivals such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham (both home and away) will be sold on a purchase history basis. This approach is in place to reward fans who have consistently supported the club. Therefore, having a purchase history can significantly enhance your chances of securing tickets for these fixtures.

EventsCompare tip: When purchasing tickets, it's advisable  to log into the ticketing website around 9:45 AM (UK time). you'll be directed to a virtual waiting room, where the order of access to purchase tickets is randomized. To maximize your chances of securing tickets, it's recommended to use different browsers and devices during the queueing process. This approach can increase your odds of gaining early access and successfully acquiring the tickets you desire, especially for high-demand matches.

Nevertheless, it's important to understand that securing tickets through this method is not guaranteed. The dependence of the queueing system, in addition to the necessity of prior purchase history, can make it very difficult to purchase tickets directly from the club. 

Join Your Local Supporters’ Club

Another option to secure Manchester City tickets is by becoming a member of an official supporters' club. These supporters' clubs are recognized and affiliated with Manchester City, offering their members a range of exclusive benefits, including priority access to match tickets. To get started, you can check if there's a local supporters' club in your country. If one is available, consider joining to become a member (you can find a list of supporter clubs worldwide at this link: >

After you've paid the membership fee and officially become a member, reach out to the club manager. They can provide you with valuable guidance about applying for tickets and explain the specific requirements and procedures you need to follow. Typically, the ticket purchasing window for supporters' club members opens around three months before each game.

However, it's vital to be aware that supporters' clubs often have their loyalty point systems and allocation methods in place to ensure fairness among their members. This means that even as a member, ticket availability is not always guaranteed, especially for high-demand matches. 

Hospitality Packages

Lastly, Manchester City offers hospitality packages for fans seeking an elevated matchday experience at the Etihad Stadium. These packages provide a luxurious and exclusive way to enjoy the game, typically including premium seating, access to private lounges, gourmet dining, complimentary beverages, matchday programs, and the opportunity to meet club legends or current players, among other perks. Keep in mind that prices and availability for these hospitality packages can vary depending on the opponent and the match's demand. You can explore and purchase hospitality tickets on the Manchester City Hospitality website:

Etihad Stadium Seating Plan

The Etihad Stadium, opened in 2003, is the home of Manchester City. With a seating capacity of approximately 53,000, it provides a state of the art stadium for football fans. The stadium comprises four stands: the Colin Bell stand, the North stand, the South stand, and the East stand. 

Below you can view the seating plan of the stadium:

Etihad Stadium Seating Plan

FAQs About Manchester City

How To Buy Cheap Manchester City Tickets

In general, The prices of Manchester City tickets can fluctuate depending on the opponent and the demand of the match. For instance, tickets for high-profile fixtures like Manchester derbies and UEFA Champions League knockout stage matches tend to be more expensive compared to standard Premier League matches. Furthermore, ticket prices depend on the seating location within the stadium. Seats in the upper and short tier sections (behind the goals) typically being more affordable than those in the lower and long tier sections (along the field). Additionally, choosing to purchase single seats tickets instead of consecutive seats tickets can offer an additional cost savings. 

How can I buy Manchester City away tickets?  

Throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities for fans to catch Manchester City's away games. However, it's important to be aware that securing Manchester City away tickets can be quite challenging due to their limited availability. Fortunately, EventsCompare is here to help. With EventsCompare, you can easily find and compare Manchester City away tickets from reputable resellers.

Do Children And Babies Need A Match Ticket? 

Yes, regardless of their age, all supporters need to purchase tickets in order to access the stadium.

How To Travel To The Etihad Stadium On Match Days?

  1. By Metrolink (tram): The Metrolink tram system is an excellent choice for reaching the Etihad Stadium. The Etihad Campus tram stop is conveniently located near the stadium, around ten minutes walk away.

  2. By Walk: There is a marked walking route from Manchester Piccadilly Station to the Etihad Stadium. The walk takes approximately 25 minutes.Alternatively, take a one-stop ride from King’s Cross to Finsbury Park, which is a 10-minute walk away from the Emirates Stadium.

  3. By Bus: Many bus routes serve the stadium area. Check with local bus operators for specific routes and schedules.

Address: Etihad Stadium, Ashton New Rd, Manchester M11 3FF, UK 

Can I buy Manchester City tickets without a membership?  

Yes, you can definitely buy tickets for Manchester City matches without a membership. Just use EventsCompare, a ticket search engine that helps you to compare and find great deals from trusted ticket resellers. The buying process is simple, all you need to do is choose the game you would like to attend and your preferred seats. Enjoy the game!

Manchester City Cheapest Ticket Prices

January 13, 2024Newcastle UnitedSt. James' Park€140
January 31, 2024Burnley FCEtihad Stadium€46
February 5, 2024BrentfordGtech Community Stadium€165
February 10, 2024Everton FCEtihad Stadium€65
February 17, 2024Chelsea FCEtihad Stadium€110
February 24, 2024AFC BournemouthVitality Stadium€209
March 2, 2024Manchester UnitedEtihad Stadium€216
March 6, 2024FC CopenhagenEtihad Stadium€70
March 9, 2024LiverpoolAnfield€419
March 16, 2024BrightonThe Amex Stadium€128
March 30, 2024Arsenal FCEtihad Stadium€221
April 3, 2024Aston Villa FCEtihad Stadium€99
April 6, 2024Crystal PalaceSelhurst Park Stadium€71
April 13, 2024Luton Town FCEtihad Stadium€79
April 20, 2024Tottenham HotspurTottenham Hotspur Stadium€152
April 27, 2024Nottingham ForestCity Ground€249
May 4, 2024Wolverhampton Wanderers FCEtihad Stadium€110
May 11, 2024Fulham FCCraven Cottage€174
May 19, 2024West Ham United FCEtihad Stadium€140
May 31, 2024Brentford FCEtihad Stadium€90